Custom Orders

Bluefireflies offers customized, handmade products that help address sensory challenges. We work with clients to create products that help relax and calm nerves, increase focus and memory retention, decrease fidgeting and/or create more appropriate fidgeting habits, build fine/gross motor skills, etc. Our products work well for someone impacted by autism, dementia, adhd, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, dyspraxia, fine/gross motor delays, alzheimer’s, as well as, other health challenges.

Common Requests Include:

  • Weighted Blankets and Other Weighted Products

  • Wheelchair Accessories

  • Fidgets for Specific Sensory Concerns

  • Adaptable Clothing

  • Durable Medical Equipment Accessories

We offer FREE consultations and are available during days and evenings. At the consultation we will discuss your concerns and potential solutions, take measurements, if needed, and provide you with both a price quote and a time frame for potential product deliveries. For a free consultation, please contact us at or 218.302.5412.

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