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Awesome quality stuff from a family business. I love it.😀 Best Etsy purchase. This is a must have. (Firefly Sensory Bed Wrap) We have it on a huge floor pillow in living room and kids were drawn to it like a magnet. It's a miracle, calming and excersise=woo hoo!!!! This and the sack are amazing. I also just ordered a giant sack so I can get in with my kiddo and a wrap too. They can't get here soon enough I'm so excited to get them. 

Etsy Shopper, ilovejoedirt

I purchased this for my dad who has dementia. (Firefly Lap Pad) He was always playing with the Velcro and zippers on his pants so I decided to give this a try. He LOVES it. He uses it all day long. The quality is fantastic and the turn around time was great. I like the design of this compared to others on Etsy because it's simple. It's not filled with too many things and doesn't have an overwhelming patterns. It contains all the things my dad enjoys fiddling with. I would highly recommend for anyone who suffers from dementia and fidgets a lot.

Etsy Shopper, Leslie P

Great product. Shop owner is especially helpful and takes pride in the products and puts the customer first. I will order again soon! A+

Etsy Shopper, Casey H

Perfect! Beautiful fabric, fast shipping! Exactly as expected.

Etsy Shopper, darcon613

Very beautifully made (I'm sure lyrcra is tricky to sew!!) and excellent quality. Very fast service and shipping, even with a custom order. I highly recommend!!! Thanks.

Etsy Shopper, MoonlightTreasures

Super fast shipping, wonderful quality, and my son loves it! Thank you! :)

Etsy Shopper, Lauren and Michael

My child is in there! (FIrefly Sensory Sack) As soon as she received this she was wiggling around, got on our floors - inching around and having a blast. I was able to hold it open and we both squeezed in and it was awesome! They are awesome, quick, great at communicating and excellent at follow through. Will order again.

Etsy Shopper, Steffani H

I got this (sensory sack) for my older asd son. He was missing a swing we used to have that helped him regulate. He's to tall and too big now at his age now for that to work. Stumbled across this and he loves it. It's extremely soft which is very important because he can't handle certain textures. Defiantly worth the purchase!

Etsy Shopper, Amber H

I bought this sensory sack for my 4 year old daughter who is a sensory seeker. She loves it! When she's not actually in it she uses it to hold her stuffed animals/as a bean bag. Absolutely love this item!

Etsy Shopper, mimisenior

Store Updates

Can't "Weight" to Share Good News!

Our Firefly Weighted Lap Pads have undergone some great changes this past week!

1. They are now filled with smooth stones. This provides more concentrated, even weight, incorporates the properties of the mixed stones, is a more natural filler, and enables us to make heavier weighted products.

2. You can now order white or black fidgets for our Firefly Weighted Lap Pads.

3. Our pads are now offered in 2.5lb and 5lb weights automatically- and at no additional cost. You can still customize larger or specific sized pads. However, this makes shopping easier and more affordable!

Father's Day is around the corner. Free US shipping on all orders now until Father's Day, June 18, 2017. Coupon code fathersday17.